JOANNA MULTI-FRUIT – berry harvester with potential

The latest solution of berry harvester


MULTI-FRUIT is the latest solution of berry harvester that WEREMCZUK FMR company offers to its customers. It is machine for growers who want to collect various berry crops, including raspberries grown without supports with one harvester. Furthermore it allows breeders at the same time take care of the quality of harvested crops and the quality of the plantations.



Harvesters in the series of „JOANNA” machines, JOANNA-4 and JOANNA PREMIUM, both in the SLIM and STANDARD versions, can be equipped with the MULTI-FRUIT option.  This option guaranties a high crop quality without changing equipment. It is suitable for black, red and white currants, aronia, gooseberries, saskatoon, haskap, rose hip and raspberries grown without supports. It is also possible to harvest from small bushes without another additional equipment.


3D Harvesting technology

The functionality of  harvesters with the MULTI-FRUIT option can be multidimensional.

First of all, the shape and properties of the collected bushes are variables. Stiff and short shoots of currants will behave completely differently as flexible and long shoots of raspberries or rose hip during harvesting . The new adjustment range offered by the MULTI-FRUIT option allows you to set the machine to the “STANDARD” position suitable for picking fruits from currant, aronia and rose hip.


Harvester is equipped special module, which allows collecting fruits from collect low-yielding bushes, ex. currants, gooseberry or haskap.

MULTI- FRUIT guaranties effective raspberries harvesting, grown without supports.


harvester for haskap


Second, there are many differences  between fruits during shaking process.

The amplitude of the vibrations and the impact force for harvesting currants will be different than in the case of aronia or rose hip. Those berry bushes required a changing the parameters of work. It is completely different during haskap and raspberries harvesting, which are delicate and falling fast from bushes . WEREMCZUK FMR offers harvesters with a universal shaker with adjustable head and the regulation of the vibration amplitude allows for effective harvesting of various types of fruit. This solution allows for more effective use of harvester.