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How to make optimal condition for growing vegetables

The competition between vegetable producers, high production costs, expensive seeds and many other factors, mean that vegetable producers want to provide optimal conditions for their cropping. They want to get the best product that will meet the high customer’s needs. In addition to investing in seeds, fertilizers and plant protection products, you need the suitable equipment. This will allow you to reduce production costs, increase the farm prestige and increase competitiveness.

From sowing to harvest

As a agriculture machinery producer we offer the machines that will allow you to create the best conditions for growing root vegetables. Carrot, parsley, celery, parsnip, beetroot and onion, radishes, cucumbers, for instance. In the next few articles we will introduce you closer  to WEREMCZUK brand machines, their models, possibilities and advantages.

Sowing on ridges, beds or on the flat field?

Root vegetables producers know that growing these vegetables on raised beds or ridges allows to obtain long and shapely roots. Moreover it ensures good soil soaking which certainly influences the regular crop emergence and growth of plants.




It is also easier to use mineral fertilizers. They can evenly be spread over the bed surface. According to the estimates, with such a system of growing root vegetables (on ridges or beds) harvest can be higher by 20-30% than when vegetables are grown on the flat field. (source: http://www.warzywapolowe.pl/siew-marchwi/)

Professionals beds and ridges – 3 main features

Experience of many vegetables producers shows that beds or ridges which will give the effect of high  good quality crops are ridges that:

  • will ensure deep soil aeration
  • will be evenly formed along the whole length
  • they will survive in the same condition from spring to autumn

Making of professional ridges requires deep soil opening – up to 25 cm. Then a ridge is formed with a large amount of soil with well-hardened edges.

Ridges and beds forming machines with cultivator

If you looking for the ridge forming machine you should see WEREMCZUK machines AUR.

In our opinion and few hundreds of their users our AUR machines have suitable construction and function to obtain very good ridges.  AUR machines are equipped in a special cultivator for a deep soil opening. they have also strong and durable blades resistant to abrasion.

AUR opens soil up to the proper 30 cm and next it puts a sufficiently large mass of soil to form ridges or beds.  At the end AUR roller with disks presses neatly the side surfaces of the ridges maintaining a soft center.


Choosing the right equipment AUR machines can be successfully used for potatoes as well as only for soil opening without ridges forming.


For smaller capabilities –ridges forming machine MR

If you are looking for the machine that will solve the problem of making the right ridges at the reasonable cost.  MR machine is a good solution for you.

MR machine makes very good ridges and you can buy it in a good price. High tractor power is not required. The ridge quality depends on you. The soil shoul be prepare well, deep open and without  soil clods and dirtiness from previous crops. As a result the ridges will be just like you want.


The MR machine’s efficiency ensues from its construction and materials used. We do not save on components and building. Our machines are solid and durable.

MR machines are available in two and four-row versions.

Together or not – growing and sowing sets

AUR machines can be aggregated with pneumatic sowing machine MAX PNEUMATIC. This solution allows to make working time shorter. I allows also reduce working costs when you grow vegetables on the ridges or beds. Machines configuration depends only from you. Our specialist will help you choose the solutions customized to your needs.

Watch growing and sowing set during the work.