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Intelligent raspberry harvest

If you read this article this means that you are either already involved or planing to be involved in raspberry growing bussines. This article wil help you understend idea of harvesting technology raspberries growing without supports.

NATALIA-V  and NATALKA are designed to harvest fruit for processing industry and freezing.

Harvesting  TECHNOLOGY

The technology of collecting raspberries with NATALIA- V and NATALKA harvesters is based side shaking system with one shaker per side (V-SHAPE-SHAKING-SYSTEM). Row dividers split each bush row into halves and guides it into shaking unit.  Branches with fruit are putting into shaking zone by special lifters. Fruit fall on the conveyors passes through a cleaning unit. They are thoroughly cleaned off the leaves and other impurities. There is possibility of fruit selecting depending on their final target before the fruit travels into the boxes. To harvest all the fruit with half-row harvester NATALKA it is necessary re-enter in the same row from the other side. 






Shaking rods configuration ensures efficient fruit shaking even with gentle vibrations. Harvesters NATALIA-V and NATALKA guarantee high quality  fruits with minimum operating actions and constant operating parameters. Harvested raspberries are mainly proper for processing industry and freezing. External factors decide about the crop’s qualification for freezing (higher quality) or for a pulp (lower quality). They are:

•kind of raspberry,
•ripeness stage
•fruit condition.
Only the ripe fruit are shaking, ready to drop off from a stem.

Ideal condition for FRUIT SELECTION

Raspberry harvesters are equipped with longitudinal conveyors which provide comfortable fruit selection and allow  get high quality raspberries. Right conveyor’s surface guarantees even fruits distribution. It has directly impact
on perfect conditions of fruit cleaning and selection. An available area on platforms guarantees comfortable place for the staff at the selective conveyor as well as suitable space for storing empty and full boxes.



Efficient and delicate for fruit and bushes

The harvesters are designed to seasonally repeated harvesting process. The construction of the harvester, technological solutions and used materials ensure high quality of crops. They also minimalize damage of bushes and have no negative impact on further crops. The harvester is equipped with special active lifters. Lifters construction and shape allows for slight transport of fruit canes to the shaking zone. An option of automatic positioning of harvester improves a tractor operator work and reduces the risk of bushes damage.

High-performance HYDRAULIC SYSTEM

NATALIA-V and NATALKA are equipped in an independent hydraulic system with oil cooler with electric engine and fun for working elements drive. We use hydraulic components from renowned and top quality brands. Some working parameters like: shaking power, shaking unit turns, conveyor speed, ventilator speed and others have hydraulic adjustment.

If you need more technical information about the harvesters and plantation parameters, please contact us. We will help youto choose a suitable solution.