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How to guarantee optimal vegetable growing – a precision seed drill

Precise seeding is the key to production of high-quality vegetables. MAX PNEUMATIC seed drills are modern machines for seeding of various vegetable species, being differently formed and sized. As a result, it successfully sows almost all kinds of seeds, such as: carrots, parsley, cabbage, radish, onion, beetroot, etc. Moreover, it has been designed to meet the farmers needs and vegetable market demands.

Four sections vegetable seeder with wide beam


“Sowing section of MAX PNEUMATIC seed drill


Excellent precision – perfect seeding – successful germination
Best start for your crop

MAX PNEUMATIC seed drill has a solid and durable construction. Futhermore mechanisms and technical solutions guarantee trouble-free and safe work over the years. MAX PNEUMATIC guarantees a precise seeding with the regular spacing and constant depth in each row. In other words it has a positive impact on crop’s quality and quantity.


Effective seeds seeding

There is the range of accesories to suit a huge range of ground conditions. For instance, you can sow vegetables effective on flat surface, beds or ridges. The seeds can be sent in two rows or one row from one section. You have also different types of sowing discs to choose depanding on your crop.


Vegetable seed drill well-fitting to your needs

How to complete seeder to your requirements our advisers (consultants)will help you. They aid you to choose suitable sowing disks and seed pressing-wheel according to vegetable seed you use and soil conditions on your field. Match up with growing technology, size of growing area and your financial possibilities our consultants help you take number of seeder section suitable for you.

6 rows seeder agregate with AUR4 – 3 rows for one bed setting

5-rows seed drill with bigger hoppers

Vegetables sowing on black plastic mulch beds

MAX PNEUMATIC seeder for sowing vegetables on black plastic mulch beds guarantees precise sowing. It definitely helps and speeds up work connecting with sowing process. Evn more it has also positive influence for the crop quality.

cucumber sowing on plastic foil

Sowing technology

MAX PNEUMATIC seeders are based on an integral vacuum system, which sucks single seeds to sowing disc’s holes. After that, the seeds are being transported by the revolving disc and seeded at the most appropriate moment. They are falling down to the hole cut in the foil and furrowed in the soil. After that seeds are covered with earth and press by rear wheel. Cucumber seeds are sowing in the small group (a few seeds in one hole). Moreover, number of seeds in one hole you can set precisely using a suitable sowing discs.

14 important facts about MAX PNEUMATIC which guarantee effective work

1. Smooth and simple working parameters adjustment.
2. Quick change of sowing parameters through the gearbox with 16 ratios.
3. Precise adjustment of seeding depth.
4. Seeds sowing in one or two lines from one section.
5. Precise and punctual seeding of almost all kind of vegetables.
6. System of mixing seeds in the chamber.
7. Different equipment in standard version – you have to choose only sowing discs.
8. Easy mechanism for disconnecting and lifting each section.
9. Smooth and easy distance adjustment between sections.
10. Effective sowing on flat field, on ridges and beds.
11. Suction device for removing residual seeds from hoppers.
12. Quick cleaning metering unit with compressed air gun.
13. Additional bigger hoppers (seed containers).
14. Three powerful seed pressing wheel types suitable for different soil condition.

Growing and sowing set

MAX PNEUMATIC seeders can be aggregate with AUR ridges and beds machines produced by WEREMCZUK AGROMACHINES®. It allows for faster and more efficient work and for costs reduction.

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