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KAREN is the latest proposition in the WEREMCZUK Agromachines offers among fruit harvesters. It is responding to the needs of customers looking for machines adapted to work on all plantations in the country and abroad. It is guaranteeing efficient raspberry and blueberry harvesting and excellent fruit quality. Designed based on many years of experience in designing and implementing machines in the fruit-growing sector.


Harvester for raspberries








The best quality parameters

KAREN is a full-row, pulled- behind harvester, hooked to the tractor on TUZ. The lightweight construction is equipped with two vertical shakers and heads with adjustable vibration amplitude.  KAREN provides fruit collection with the highest quality parameters with minimum operating actions and constant operating parameters. The covers and seals system is based on the scaling seal. It effectively minimizes fruit losses compared to other machines of similar purpose and principle of operation. An effective cleaning system efficiently removes all contaminations.


Raspberry and blueberry harvesting machine












Construction of the harvester enables fruits harvesting whose cultivation is carried on a flat fields or beds. It is suitable for bushes growing with T-shape supports or without supports. The minimum row spacing for harvesting the raspberry and blueberry is 2.5 m.


Effective and comfortable work

A construction, technological solutions and harvester’s equipment allows work on plantations in all conditions. It also guarantees a comfortable and effective fruit selection zone. An extremely capacious platform for storing boxes allows to optimize an organization of empty totes and store full picking.


Perfect conditions for fruit selection

The harvester is equipped with two longitudinal conveyors providing the largest possible fruit selection zone. A conveyor belt, 50% smaller than other solutions known on the market, ensures an even placement of fruits on the conveyor which directly affects the perfect conditions for cleaning and selection. Designing a large amount of space under the chute, created, first time in trailed harvesters, the possibility of filling the whole surface without necessity moving fruit in a fill totes, which minimizes fruit damage in the final harvesting phase.

On each of working platforms, there is a comfortable place for one person next to the selection conveyor and for a person responsible for exchanging boxes. Optional enlargement for boxes operator platform provides an additional stand at the selection conveyor.


Machine for raspberry harvest










Benefits and advantages of the KAREN harvester

  • Collection of fruit grown on flat fields or beds, with T-shape vertical supports and without supports.
  • Perfect solution for working on narrow row spacings plantations.
  • Suitable for work on diverse landform thanks to light construction and wide tires.
  • Minimized fruit losses thanks to a scaling seal system.
  • Comfortable and effective fruit selection zone.
  • Efficient fruit cleaning system.
  • High quality of harvested fruits and minimized risk of damage.
  • Capacious platform to store full and empty totes.
  • Additional bridge for an operator exchanging boxes.
  • Optimal height of shaking thanks to the construction with the ability to adjust the height of the harvester in relation to the ground.
  • Designed to continuous work also in high temperatures – independent hydraulic system for working elements with oil cooler and thermostat.
  • Smooth regulation of work parameters.
  • Comfortable hydraulic system control from a work platform.


Plantation parameters

  • Cultivation grown on flat fields or beds.
  • The basis of beds 0.7m-0.8m and height 0.2m-0.3m.
  • Possible picking fruits growing with T-shape support.
  • The minimum row spacing is 2.5 m (limited by the width of the tractor).
  • Maximum picking tunnel clearance 2.65 m