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Red raspberries harvesting with KAREN harvester in the main role

Poland is one of the biggest world producers of raspberries. The increase of raspberries planting, in recent years, especially variety grown without supports, has resulted in increased concern the subject of crop mechanization. The WEREMCZUK company takes care of fruit growers’ needs and try to meet their expectations.

For many months, we were working really intensive on the new face of harvester, which would meet the requirements set by growers and increase the competitiveness of farms. Final of these activities, successor of NATALIA P,  a machine produced many years ago, is KAREN – raspberries and blueberries harvester.



Raspberry season is underway

The harvest season of red raspberry in Poland is underway. Despite picking season this year started already at the beginning of June, fruit growers have still a lot of work. Our latest raspberry harvester also harvests its first crops. This season is a great time for the full test of its skills.

Recently, KAREN visited several red raspberry plantations. Mostly, it was Glen raspberries. However, both the age of plantations and ways of growing were varied.




The mechanical red raspberries harvesting with the KAREN harvester is possible from the second year of fruiting. KAREN worked both on the young plantation and on the one that has been run for several years. The types of used supports also were different. In this case, KAREN also passed the test positively. It works great in contact with straight poles, as well as T-shaped supports.



An extremely important function of this harvester is the ability to adjust its height relative to the ground. This option allows working on slopes.
KAREN harvester performs very well in difficult conditions. Important aspects are also skills of tractor and machine operators and adjusting settings of the harvester to individual growers’ needs.


Mechanical harvesting and quality of fruits

KAREN harvester was designed for harvesting raspberry and blueberry fruit. Vertical shakers used in this machine are delicate for shrubs and it is possible to multiple harvesting during the fruiting season. A perfectly synchronized covers and seals system prevents fruit losses, while an efficient cleaning module allows receiving fruit with very good quality parameters.



Mechanization as an opportunity to increase competitiveness

Every producer deciding on the development of his farm must decide how he will grow his production.
Will he find enough employees? Will their employees work conscientiously?
Over the last years, the topic of seasonal workers in agriculture returns very often. It turns out that the number of people wanting to work in this sector has been decreasing constantly.
The solution to this problem may be mechanical harvesting.



Farms that decide to mechanize their production increase their competitiveness on the market.
Lower number of people working on harvesting, reduce production costs and the same increase its profitability.

Do not hesitate and take the plunge about mechanization your farm today!