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Berry harvesters. How to harvest superberries?


Fruit production is an essential sector of Polish agriculture. 

They are really tasty and of high quality. However, not only their taste but also health values are essential. The invaluable health-promoting properties made these fruits known as superfruits. These include species such as i.a. strawberry, haskap, currant, gooseberry, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry, or hip rose.

The harvesting season for superfruits begins with juicy and tasty strawberries. Soon after, begin to ripen haskap, then raspberries, currants, and others. Strawberries are harvested by hand but among another superfruit, there are really popular mechanical picking with berry harvesters.


All-purpose currants harvester

Producers who grow superfruit from bushes in nearly 100%, use for harvesting, the well-known currants harvesters. Of course, the term “currants harvesters” is only a kind of simplification that results from the original purpose of this type of machine. Currant bushes were one of the oldest berry bushes cultivated in Poland.

Currently, from the farmer’s point of view, it is important that the machine allows for wider use of its capabilities. Often growers decide to diversify their crops. This gives them a better chance of maintaining a stable income in the event of lower yields of a given crop or lower than assumed selling prices of the fruit.

For this reason, it is extremely important that the fruit harvesters should be universal. This is also the case with berry harvesters made by WEREMCZUK.




Efficient fruit harvesting from various types of bushes

Half-row harvesters are the most popular among the berries growers. It results from a relatively low purchase cost of this type of equipment (compared to full-row trailed or self-propelled harvesters). 

There are at least several models of half fruit harvesters on the domestic market. However, do all of them enable the effective harvesting of various types of fruit? Do all of them worth their price? Everyone has to answer this question on their own.

Meanwhile, we will take a closer look at the solutions used in the half-row berry harvesters JOANNA series (produced by WEREMCZUK).


What distinguishes JOANNA fruit harvesters?

The newest models of fruit harvesters, JOANNA-5 and JOANNA-5 PREMIUM, as standard, have been equipped with the MULTI-FRUIT function with an integrated passive attachment for low-fruiting shrubs. This solution enables the collection of fruit from bushes above 20 cm in height (in order to maintain good yields, we recommend mechanical harvesting for shrubs over 35 cm in height).

Taking a closer look at JOANNA harvesters, it is necessary to pay attention to their strong heart. It is, of course, an universal, adjustable shaking unit with a low-noise head and 1 shaker. The shaking head has as many as 6 independent amplitude levels. The amplitude control allows you to adjust the strength of shaking to the specific type of fruit. Thus, it guarantees effective fruit harvesting and prevents excessive damage to the bushes.

As standard, JOANNA berry harvesters are equipped with removable shaking suns. They can be easily and simply adjusted along the shaft axis. Everything, of course, is to adjust the machine to the height of the bushes in the best possible way. These solutions also allow for achieving maximum harvesting efficiency.
It is also worth saying that depending on the type of bushes and the delicacy of the fruit, it is possible to use various types of shaking fingers. The offer includes fingers made of quality steel, rubber, or technical plastic.

Above we listed only a few of the many solutions used in JOANNA combines, which allow obtaining the best possible harvesting results in various species of shrubs. If you want to know more details, be sure to contact our Sales Specialists.







Unfailing work during the harvesting season

For the Farmer, especially during the harvest season, the unfailing work of the machine is essential. There is no time for unplanned downtime or problems with harvesters. If the fruit is not picked at the optimal time, its quality will drop.  This may also directly affect the lower price of sales.

Machines must have a solid construction and be made of durable materials.  They must be resistant to work in difficult conditions. It is also important that the key units of the harvesters be equipped with durable covers.  This reduces the risk of damaging the machine. It also eliminates potential threats to people directly operating the machine.

Improving the work safety and reliability of machines is one of the key goals on which the team of JOANNA harvesters constructors is constantly working. Many years of experience in the production of this type of machinery and constant cooperation with berry growers allow us to develop new and better solutions that facilitate the work of the owners of berry plantations.







Which harvester for superfruit to choose?

There are several models of machines for harvesting fruit from bushes on the market. Each of them certainly has its supporters and opponents.

Some machine producers focus on the maximum reduction of costs. For others, it is important to obtain the highest quality of equipment.

Everyone who decides to buy a machine must answer the question of what they expect from the machine they buy. However, it is worth remembering that we do not buy this type of machine for a year or two. After all, we want to use them for years.