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Blueberry harvest – videorelation from a blueberry plantation

The fruit harvesting season is long over. Maybe are you following our Facebook profile and YouTube channel? Therefore, you have probably seen a harvest of blueberries, raspberries, or haskap with the KAREN harvester. In this article, you will learn more about the blueberry harvester and see how it has worked this season.

Mechanical fruit harvesting

blueberry-harvesterWe have “become friends” with the fruit mechanical harvesting for several dozen years. There are many farms in the whole world where only machines are used for picking fruits. As a result there are also places where blueberry harvesters are used alternatively for manual harvesting. Usually, it depends on some specific situations. It can be workers’ availability, the market price of fruit, and the destination of the fruit.

The farm structure is very different. From large-scale commercial plantations to smaller family farms with only several hectares. Harvested fruits are for processing, freezing, or for the fresh market.

In the whole world, berry growers and agriculture machines producers are working on technologies that can improve work on the farms. The fact is that labor costs are still rising. There is also a shortage of people to work. In many cases, mechanical blueberry harvesting becomes a necessity. It is often the only option if we want to develop our fruit-business. It improves your farm competitiveness and, of course, helps you stay on the market.

KAREN–harvester for picking blueberries… and not only

KAREN is one of the newest WEREMCZUK brand machines. It is a harvester for blueberries and raspberries, blackberries, and haskap. The solutions used in the machine also allow picking sour cherries and olives from young trees. KAREN was designed in mind of the needs and expectations of blueberry and other berry fruits producers. Certainly, our 40 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery also helped in the search for the best solutions.

Optimal blueberry harvesting condition

Karen provides a highly efficient fruit harvest with the best quality parameters.

As we noticed its lightweight construction and wide tires allowed working in different plantation conditions. Harvested fruit was grown on a flat field or on beds with T- supports and without supports. There was a narrow distance between the rows.

Technical and construction solutions guaranteed optimal conditions for harvesting blueberries. KAREN harvesters are equipped with an independent hydraulic system. In other words, it has an oil cooler with an electric engine and fun for working elements drive. Thanks to this, the machine could work without a break, even at high temperatures. There are some adjustments that allow you to regulate the working parameters of the conditions on the plantation.


Gentle for fruit and blueberry bushes

Picking blueberries with the KAREN harvester is based on a system equipped with two vertical shakers with regulated amplitude. This solution ensures effective fruit shaking even with gentle vibrations.

It has a fast and easy regulation of the shaking unit. It allows for a wide range of working parameters change and adaptation to picking requirements. Only ripe fruit was shaking off. Similarly, unripe fruit was leaving and undamaged for the next pick. A sealing system eliminated fruit losses during harvesting. The proper shape catchers mounted on gentle springs protected plants from damage.

The efficient cleaning unit thoroughly removed all impurities. However, before the fruit was in boxes, it was also possible to select them.

Ideal conditions of fruit selection

There is a comfortable place on the work platform for fruit selection. There is enough place also for the person replacing the boxes. Lots of space on the conveyors allowed for even fruit distribution. It simplified effective selection. A lot of space under the chute minimized necessity fruit mixing in the filled box. It also had an effect on the final blueberries’ quality.

Precisely hitting your needs

KAREN harvesters are the answer to your needs.

  • a high-quality blueberry harvester
  • works with different fruit tractors
  • guarantees reliability and efficiency in berry fruit harvesting

We have experience in the production of this type of machine for almost 40 years. Contact us if you want to find out more about optimal conditions ‘plantation for new plantings. Verify if your plantation is suitable for mechanical harvesting. Our consultants are at your disposal. Contact numbers can be found in the “contact” tab.

However, before we can be on the plantation again, please visit our YouTube channel. You can find there this year’s blueberry harvest video. You will also find materials from the harvesting of haskap berries, raspberries, and blackberries. Before you choose a machine, it is worth betting on proven solutions! Once again, please contact our sales department and familiarize yourself with the offer of KAREN combines.