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Growing root vegetables on ridges – let’s start to prepare for the season


We are just before the spring season beginning. That means, there is less and less time to prepare for it.

It is time to answer the important question: Have I already prepared everything for the spring season on my farm? Of course, we think about the machinery, possible supply of seeds, plant protection products, and other necessary elements.

We will focus here on the selection and good preparation of equipment.

Let’s start with the cultivators intended for growing root vegetables on ridges and beds, so dedicated primarily to root vegetable producers.


cultivating carrots on ridges










The machines enabling the cultivation of vegetables on ridges are, of course, ridges forming machines or soil aggregates for forming ridges or beds. These machines are necessary for every farm specializing in root vegetable production. They enable deep soil opening (up to 25 cm), ridge forming, and soil hardening on the side surface of the ridge. As a result,  soil preparation provides optimal conditions for seed germinations and the growth of plants.


Growing vegetables on ridges is the most popular method among carrot and parsley producers. It allows for obtaining long and shapely roots.

Therefore, deciding to grow root vegetables, it is worth having good-quality, solid equipment. 


Soil cultivating

Carrots cultivating







There are many producers, on the market, who offer machines for growing vegetables on ridges.

Before choosing a specific model of a ridge forming machines, it is necessary to pay attention to several important factors, including:

  • technical parameters of the machine,
  • maximum working depth,
  • possibility of adjusting the machine to the user’s needs 



Among the machines which are available on the market,  the ridge forming machine AUR (produced by WEREMCZUK FMR) deserves special attention.

What distinguishes AUR from other brands?

  • Solid and durable construction
  • Possibility to choose the machine which You need
  • Versions: 2,3 and 4-rows with a spacing of ridges 67,5 cm or 75 cm
  • Hydraulic drive for the ridge forming roller
  • Robust coulters adapted to deep soil working
  • Disks made of high-quality steel
  • Perfectly fluffed soil up to 25 cm depth giving perfect parameters for growing vegetables
  • Strongly formed ridges or beds up to 25 cm high


We’ve recently talked about the advantages of  AUR on our Videoblog.


It is worth paying attention that the machine can be easily adapt to form beds and even to soil cultivation on a flat surface. This option allows to use the machine not only for vegetable cultivation.

The huge advantage is also the possibility of aggregating it with the pneumatic seeder “MAX PNEUMATIC”. After that, it is possible to make, at the same time, two treatments with one pass of the tractor.

Due to the fact that there are many rotating elements in the ridge former AUR, which could potentially pose a threat to its operator, the machine was equipped with a set of safety guards.

The ridge forming machine AUR is a reliable and user-safe machine. It’s perfect for farms specializing in vegetable production.

More information about AUR You can find here: RIDGE FORMING MACHINE WITH SOIL MILLER- AUR


Ridger AUR

Ridge forming machine

Ridge making machine







If you specialize in vegetable production, probably also have a ridge forming machine in your machine park. In this case, You absolutely need to take care of the technical inspection for Your machine.

Machinery producers usually recommend making the inspections of the machines after the end of the operating season. After work, machines should be always cleaned and maintained. However, everyone knows, that very often arise differences between the theory and the practice. So if you haven’t done inspection before, be sure to think about it right now!


In the next article, we will try to give you a few tips which should be considered during technical inspection.