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Fruits harvest in BIG-BAG bags

MAJA with a new function of picking fruits into BIG-BAG bags

New solutions


MAJA shaking and cleaning machines are the best solution for picking stone fruits like sour cherries, plums and for industrial apples, nuts, almonds, olives, and others. Different types of harvested fruits need different ways of picking them into various boxes like small 10-20 kg totes, big 500 kg boxes, barrels, and bags.
Therefore we added new additional equipment to MAJA machines to meet our customers’ expectations. These solutions allow harvesting fruits into special  BIG-BAG bags.



It is an additional, independent option to MAJA machines which allows for universal use of MAJA and pickup fruits to bags and to small and big boxes optionally. It is possible after BIG-BAG MULTI equipment will be disassembly.












Rys.1 MAJA Automatic LK  with  BIG-BAG MULTI option


BIG-BAG MULTI set contains:

  • an independent, vertical fruit conveyor
  • a movable frame for hanging BIG-BAG bags
  • a hydraulic function of unloading full bags
  • strengthened wheels


Disassembly BIG-BAGS set from the machine or assembly on the machine is easy. You have to use only a forklift and universal wrenches.



 It is MAJA version that primary guarantees full functionality of harvesting fruits into BIG-BAG bags. As a result, it is not possible to dismantle all the equipment.












Rys.2  MAJA Automatic LK  with BIG-BAG COMPACT equipment

BIG-BAG COMPACT equipment contains:

  • an extended up skew conveyor
  • a frame for hanging BIG-BAG bags
  • a hydraulic function of unloading full bags
  • strengthened wheels


It is possible to dismantle the frame for hanging bags from MAJA using a forklift and universal wrenches. Fruits can be harvest into small boxes or big 500 kg boxes. But they will fall down from a high altitude. In this case, it is necessary to use an additional vertical sleeve. It prevents fruit from spilling outside the boxes.


MAJA machines with the BIG-BAG equipment are adapted to harvest fruits into BIG-BAG bags with base dimensions 110cm x 110cm and height 155cm or others with similar sizes. 

The frame for hanging bags in both options can be adjusted to the height and width of bags.