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Innovation leader

When we were introduced to the offer of the new model of the berry harvester – JOANNA-5, we used EU funds to start its production. As a beneficiary of these funds, we have been nominated in the competition “Innovation Leader 2022” in the “IT and Automation” category.

Pictures from the awards ceremony (YT Lublin European Funds)


Innovation Leader 2022


Joanna-5 is our newest model of a berry harvester for picking currants, chokeberries, gooseberries, haskap, raspberries, and others. The machine guarantees the effective harvesting of high-quality fruit. JOANNA-5 CLASSIC and PREMIUM is equipped with a universal, adjustable shaking unit with a silent-running head and one shaker. MULTI-FRUIT function warrants excellent harvesting results from various types of bushes, including those with low fruiting. This model features removable shaking units. They can be freely positioned on the shaker. That’s why it allows for optimal adjustment of the device to the size and type of the harvested bush.



For different plantations

JOANNA-5 has a wide range of additional equipment and the modular structure. It allows for individual adjustment of the machine equipment to the needs of the manufacturer and conditions of the plantation.

The solid and durable frame of the harvester as well as the working platform with a high load capacity enables the harvesting of fruit both into small (10-20 kg) and big (500 kg) boxes

Stainless steel units and working details and the system of covers ensure the highest standards of food quality. They also guarantee work safety and increase the durability of use.


Watch the film made by the organizers of the competition, presenting all the nominees, including our company. Weremczuk’s presentation starts at 1:33 min.