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Innovative vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1


This year’s edition (2024)  of the TSW fair, proved very fruitful for the WERINGEN brand.
The root vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1 received the prize in the competition named after Professor Szczepan Aleksander Pieniązek. This competition is one of the traditional elements of the agricultural fair TSW. Its purpose is to the most innovative products in the horticultural industry. Our work related to the design and implementation of modern technological solutions was appreciated. As a team, we are very pleased of this.




What are the features of root vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1?

The root vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1 definitely stands out from the competition machines. Its feature is a high performance in various field conditions. The machine is characterized by excellent driving properties on muddy terrain. That is an extremely important from the producer’s point of view. Another important advantage of the harvester is obtaining very thoroughly cleaned vegetables, while maintaining excellent quality. The machine has a functional electronic panel. It allows to smooth control of all operating parameters, directly from the tractor cab. Compared to the competition, the harvester is also distinguished by its modern design and color scheme.





Efficient harvesting thanks to increased vegetable transporter capacity

The harvester for carrots, parsley and other root vegetables WERINGEN RVS-1  is equipped with a wide, three-section main conveyor. Its width, depending on the model, is either 600 or 800 mm. The wide conveyor makes it possible to move a large amount of roots efficiently. As well, it has a positive effect on roots cleaning.

A great advantage is the implement of high shelves in the conveyor. These shelves are made of soft plastic, have a streamlined shape and rounded edges.

The conveyor’s construction significantly reduce the risk of any mechanical roots damage. In addition, it is worth noting the small distances between adjacent rungs of the transporter. Their arrangement allows to effectively use the harvester also while harvesting young and small carrots.








Roots cleaning from soil and haulms

The root vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1 is equipped with a multistep cleaning process for the roots.

Pre-cleaning already takes place while the dug-out plants are being moved toward the stripping head. Under the conveying belts there are soil shakers that roughly clean the roots.

Next, the vegetables, stripped of haulm, are transported on the feed conveyor. This module is  of a set of cleaning rollers, which are also perfect for small-sized roots. This is especially important when harvesting early varieties of vegetable. Just behind it, there is still a cleaning conveyor, which finally closes the root cleaning process.




Minimizing energy requirements

The vegetable harvester WERINGEN RVS-1 is a fully hydraulically driven machine. The goal of the development team was to design drives that would provide the lowest possible power requirements, and therefore energy drawn from the tractor.
This task was achieved. Harvester allowing users to enjoy longer, uninterrupted operation with reduced fuel consumption.




Comfortable control directly from the tractor cab

In response to the needs of producers, the WERINGEN RVS-1 harvester, was equipped with an electronical and electronic panel “full version ready”. It allows controlling all drives and settings via the console, located in the tractor cab. If any problems arise, the machine operator can adjust the settings to current conditions on the fly.






Successful harvesting in all conditions

The harvesting of root vegetables culminates in autumn. It is therefore essential that the machine is able to work in difficult terrain conditions.

The harvester is equipped with large-size, extra-wide road wheels. They guarantee the resistance of the harvester to sink into the muddy ground. It is therefore possible to effective harvesting in all weathers conditions.

An additional advantage of the WERINGEN RVS-1 harvester is the possibility of variable adjustment of the distance between the left and right wheels. Thus, the machine is adapted to start harvesting from the center of the field without free passage.







Modern vegetable harvester

The modern design of the machine also can not be overlooked here. Particularly noteworthy are the interesting colors, marking units or the use of modern materials during the production process.

All the above-mentioned functions and features of the WERINGEN RVS-1 vegetable harvester confirm its innovation. The machine is the answer to the needs of a modern, enterprising vegetable producer.