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KAREN – irreplaceable harvester for blueberry and raspberry

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KAREN harvester is one of many in the Weremczuk Agromachines range of fruit harvesters. The machine is the answer for people looking to buy an all-in-one harvester for blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and haskap (honeyberry). Fruit harvester KAREN is suitable for work on plantations both in the country and around the world. The machine guarantees efficient harvest and excellent fruit quality. It was designed based on years of experience in manufacturing and implementing harvesters for fruit growers.

mechanical blueberry harvesting

Mechanical blueberry harvesting

Best fruit quality

KAREN is a full-row, tow-behind harvester that is coupled with a tractor by a 3-point hitch. It is equipped with two vertical shakers with adjustable shaking strength. Best quality blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and haskap can be mechanically harvested with the machine. Two most significant advantages of KAREN are fewer service tasks during work and constant operational parameters. Fruit losses are effectively minimized by a sealing system consisting of covers and catchers. Losses are significantly lesser in comparison to similar machines available on the market. An efficient cleaning system provides the grower with fruit free of debris.

Efficient and convenient

The machine’s structure allows it to reap fruit that are grown on flat surfaces as well as on beds, with or without supports. Minimum distance between rows for mechanical harvest with KAREN is 2,5 m. It is worth mentioning that design features and technological advancements implemented in KAREN’s structure make it possible to work in almost any conditions while still allowing for effective and comfortable fruit sorting. Large storage racks let the crew optimize the process of picking up totes full of fruit and replacing them with empty ones.

Mechanically harvested blueberry

Mechanically harvested blueberry

Perfect conditions for sorting fruit

KAREN is equipped with two longitudinal conveyors which allow for a very long sorting surface. This ensures fruit to be distributed evenly on the conveyor, which directly impacts sorting and cleaning. Designing large areas for totes on working decks has made, for the first time in a tow-behind harvester, a possibility to fill the whole tote with fruit without having to move it around. It further eliminates damage in the final stage of mechanical harvesting.

Harvesting raspberry and blueberry with a harvester

There is space designed for two people on each working deck. One of them sorts fruit and the other changes totes. Optionally, you can enlarge each working deck to accommodate one more seat for a person sorting fruit in the sorting area of the longitudinal conveyor.

Blueberry harvester KAREN

Blueberry harvester KAREN

Advantages and benefits of using KAREN

  • Harvesting fruit growing on flat surfaces and on beds, both with and without supports;
  • Perfect solution for plantations with rows grown close to one another;
  • Two vertical shakers with adjustable shaking strength – efficient shaking even with low amplitude;
  • Light structure and wide tires allow the harvester to work in all terrain;
  • Minimized fruit losses thanks to a dense sealing system;
  • Comfortable sorting area, efficient sorting;
  • Effective cleaning system;
  • High quality of harvested fruit;
  • Minimal fruit damage;
  • Large and capacious storage racks for totes;
  • Additional working decks dedicated for people changing totes;
  • Optimal shaking height thanks to adjustable height of the harvester;
  • Suitable for constant work even in high temperatures – independent hydraulic system with an oil radiator and a thermostat;
  • Smooth adjustment of harvester’s configuration;
  • Hydraulic system that can be conveniently controlled directly from working decks.

Parameters of plantations

  • Fruit growing on flat surfaces or on beds;
  • Bed width at the base: 0,7-0,8 m;
  • Bed height: 0,2-0,3 m;
  • Plantation can be grown with T-supports;
  • Min. distance between rows: 2,5 m (dictated by tractor width);
  • Max. plants height: 2,65 m

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Technical data:

  • Harvester type: full-row, tow-behind;
  • Storage area for up to 76 totes;
  • Max. load of harvester: 760 kg;
  • Height adjustment from ground level: 0,1-0,6 m;
  • Min. requirements of a tractor: pull – 9 kN; power – 50 KW (68 HP); slow gear needed, harvesting speed from 0,5 km/h for raspberries and 1,0 km/h for blueberries;
  • Workforce: tractor driver + 2 people for changing totes (no sorting) or 4 people for changing totes and sorting fruit;
  • Fluent RPM adjustment;
  • Automatic positioning in the row: optional.


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