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Mechanical harvest of berries in the past and present

Poland is one of the leading European producers of berries. For over 40 years, the cultivation of currants, gooseberries, chokeberries, and raspberries has become the main source of income for many fruit growers in Poland.  Soft fruit plantations became more popular. The manual harvest was laborious. It caused that growers had started to think about mechanical harvest.



WEREMCZUK FMR was one of the first manufacturers in Poland, which started to think about the mechanical harvest of berry fruit. After months of design and manufacture works, our team creates the first model of the current harvester – called JOANNA. As opposed to harvesters, available on the market before, the machine was equipped with only one active shaker.
Just like the JOANNA harvesters available for Customers now, the machine allowed to harvest fruit from the half-row of bushes, during one pass of the tractor. The harvester JOANNA met with great interest from fruit producers who grow currants, aronia berry, or gooseberry. Design and manufacture this type of harvester allowed for a significant increase in production efficiency. It also affected crop area and production profitability.



Next models of currant harvesters JOANNA differed from the first one. The main differences concern: design of working units, materials used to production, working unit drives as well as improving functionality and universality.

JOANNA harvesters work rule has not changed over the years. The machines shake the fruit off the bushes, clean them and direct into small boxes (10-20 kg) or large 500 kg boxes.










Currently available for sale are 3 models of berry harvesters:


These machines enable the efficient harvest of currants, chokeberries, gooseberries, haskap, saskatoon, or raspberries. Harvesters guarantee high work efficiency as well as excellent fruit quality and nearly 100% harvesting accuracy.

JOANNA Line harvesters are equipped with hydraulic drives of working unit. They have also possibility of adjustment work parameters as well as a system of covers and seals ensuring safety work.

One of the basic module that enables effective fruit harvest is the shaking unit. The shaking head with adjustable vibration amplitude is used. It allows to set optimal parameters of shaking for every kind of bushes. It is also worth emphasizing that this setting can be made in a relatively short time. What’s more, Users don’t need any special equipment.

It is also possible to specify the shaking force as well as the rotary speed of the shaking unit.


Of course, for maximum efficiency and quality it is necessary to correctly match a number of other mechanisms and parameters of work. Optimal adjusting all operating parameters guarantee excellent fruit quality and good condition of bushes after the harvesting process.






An element that has unchanged over the years is certainly the quality of the machine.
WEREMCZUK FMR has always attached importance to the feature of its equipment. Despite many changes, which were made in fruit harvesters JOANNA, the quality has remained excellent.

The proof of excellent quality JOANNA harvesters is long usefulness. Harvesters have been working for years on fruit farms in Poland and all over the world.

One of the examples of machine reliability is the currant harvester JOANNA (serial number 3, year od production 1989). Curio – The first models of WEREMCZUK currant harvesters had been produced in blue. We had an opportunity to see the machine during the harvest of blackcurrants, on one of the plantations in the vicinity of Lublin (2018 season). The harvester naturally shows the passage of time. However, this does not change the fact that the machine successfully harvests fruit from the bushes.










By choosing the WEREMCZUK FMR brand you get durable and modern machines. They can be adapted to your needs and expectations. In addition, you get access to professional Customer service and technical support. Moreover, you get an opportunity to purchase original spare parts directly from the producer. In case of any faults or problems, you can always contact your Advisor. He will help you find the best solution.