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New shaking system in MAJA harvesters

The shaking and cleaning machines MAJA CLASSIC and MAJA AUTOMATIC with a shaking system with a head on the hydraulic crane and a seat for the operator allow for even more efficient and ergonomic fruit harvesting in both traditional and modern orchards. We have already prepared such a solution for fruit growers for the 2024 season. What else distinguishes this new system?

Choosing the shaking system with the head on the hydraulic cran allows short harvesting time. Additionally, it introduces new comfortable working conditions during the shaking process.

Increased harvesting efficiency

Compared to the shaking system on a steel pipe arm, the new system allows to reduce the harvesting time per tree. Firstly, the movements of the shaking head on a crane are quick and precise. The approach trajectory of the head to the tree trunk is linear. This directly impacts the overall efficiency of the machine.

shaking system

Additionally, the system is characterized by minimal times of moving away from the tree due to the straight move backward of the head after shaking.

The retracted shaking head does not require securing during the move between trees. Therefore, it does not need to be started from the resting position. It results in shorter intervals between moving to the next tree.



Better shaking power

The crane-mounted shaking system provides an increased maximum shaking power by 1/3 compared to the equally powerful head in the arm-mounted shaker setup. Additionally, a wide range of adjustments allows for adapting the shaking power to different conditions in orchards and for harvesting different fruit, including those requiring more shaking power. Despite the high maximum power of the head, hydraulic control enables precise steerage of working parameters.

The ergonomics and comfort of work

The control of the shaking head and hydraulic crane is managed from the operator’s position directly opposite the shaking head. This configuration ensures that the operator maintains visual contact with the shaking head throughout, as the crane does not block the field of vision. Simultaneously, control is facilitated through joysticks/levers positioned on the operator’s panel. Additionally, the operator can work continuously in a seating position thanks to the seat, which naturally reduces fatigue and does not require significant physical effort.

The hydraulic crane-mounted shaking system is available when ordering the MAJA models:

  • AUTOMATIC LT – nowość 2024!

If you’re interested in this offer, feel free to contact our sales department. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.