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Walnut harvest in Chile [video]

MAJA CLASSIC machines started the first harvest season in Chile on walnut plantations. We contacted the farmers and got a short video with a harvester at work.

Shipping to Chile

The distance from our company does not matter. We sell our machines all over the world. You can order the machines by contacting our dealers in your country or by contacting our company by phone or e-mail. Our customers from Chile sent us a message through Chilean-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

What we can do?

  1.  Provide you with all the necessary information on the machine you need.
  2.  Help you to choose only the required additional equipment.
  3.  Arrange all export documentation and help to organize a FCL ( Full Container Load) ocean freight shipment.

We loaded walnut harvesters to the container at the beginning of January this year. From our factory in Niedrzwica Duża the machines went straight to the port, from where they sailed to Chile.

In March, we received information that they had successfully arrived at the farm where they are now working. Our customers sent us photos of the unloading harvesters. They used a ramp and a tractor so everything went fast and with no problems.

The machines were checked and the operators become acquainted, with the machine’s operation.

Walnut harvests

At the end of April, we got information that MAJA harvesters work very well. You can see a short video and you can give your feedback.


MAJA harvesters are the best solution for picking also almonds, olives, cherries, plums and apples in traditional orchards where you can’t use full-row harvesters.