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We are changing for you. WERINGEN – a new brand for vegetable producers.

We have been in the agriculture market for over 40 years. Throughout this time, we have developed all the time, expanding our offer and increasing the number of machines we produce. Over the years, we have seen the development and adaptation of many innovative agricultural equipment for fruit and vegetable producers. The result of it is the WERINGEN brand.

An ideal choice for farmers worldwide.

We have developed different types of advanced devices that allow vegetable producers to achieve even better results in harvesting and processing. Our WERINGEN machines stand out not only for their excellent quality but also for their efficiency and ease of use. This makes them the ideal choice for farmers worldwide.

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The development of our company and products, participation in EU projects, and expansion into foreign markets made it necessary to refresh our line of vegetable machines.

EU project in which we participate concentrates on our design. That’s why we have decided to change the brand name for our group of vegetable machines to WERINGEN. We have also chosen to update the color and design of the manufactured machines.

The manufacturer and distributor of the WERINGEN brand is still Weremczuk FMR. Over the years, Weremczuk FMR has gained the recognition and trust of customers from all over the world. Therefore, we are sure that the WERINGEN brand will continue our dynamic development. What’s more, it will maintain its leading position in the field of innovative agricultural machinery, developed over the years.
Of course, we still sell spare parts and provide warranty and post-warranty service for vegetable machines manufactured under the WEREMCZUK brand.

Vegetable harvesters WERINGEN RVS-1

The first machines under the new brand are WERINGEN vegetable harvesters. Compared to the previous models in our offer, the RVS-1 machines have implemented solutions whose importance was emphasized by our customers. We mainly paid attention to:

  • machine performance,
  • wide adjustment range,
  • cleaning accuracy and the ability to work in difficult conditions
  • and the comfort of the users of the machine.

Today, vegetable harvesters work with modern, high-power agricultural tractors, and this also gives us – as a manufacturer, new opportunities during designing machines.

vegetable harvester weringen


What distinguishes WERINGEN vegetable harvesters is:

  • A wide main conveyor with high shelves directly works on the higher efficiency of the harvester.
  • Wide road wheels for stable and continuous work in difficult field conditions.
  • A new hydraulic control system for work drives that increases work efficiency. Equipped with a control panel for controlling and adjusting all drives from the tractor cabin.
  • A set of vegetable cleaning rollers ensures an even more thorough cleaning of vegetables from soil and leaf remains

If you are interested in our offer and want to know more details, please contact our sales department.

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From sowing to harvest with WERINGEN equipment

We invite you to visit our new website, where we will keep you up-to-date with information about machines for harvesting vegetables. With WERINGEN machines you will prepare a field for sowing vegetables both on ridges and on beds. Ridge formers can also be equipped with a potato hiller. Our vegetable seeder is a universal machine that allows you to sow almost all types of seeds. The offer also includes a special section for sowing on foil. We especially recommend this solution to producers of ground cucumber. Soon we will show you the whole line of vegetable machines in a new version.

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