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What harvester for haskap berries?

For several years, we have been observing that more farmers growing haskap berries in Poland and not only. Haskap bushes are usually planted on plantations with parameters optimal for mechanical harvest. New varieties of honeysuckle berry allow getting better quality fruit, sweeter and holding up better during the harvesting time.

Moreover, the haskap berries, besides their taste, have valuable health properties.  First of all, it is a rich source of anthocyanins and vitamins. It is just a superfood. Berry juice, preserves, frozen berries are more and more often used in the confectionery and food industry.

Growing of haskap berries can be an alternative to other berry crops (currant, gooseberry, chokeberry) the production of which can be sometimes unprofitable. It can also be an addition to the offer of a specialized fruit farm.

Haskap plantation

Haskap berry, otherwise called honeysuckle, blue honeysuckle, and honeyberry is a hardy plant. It has relatively low soil requirements. Haskaps prefer sunny locations with well-drained soils but do well in a variety of situations.

On plantations where mechanical harvesting is planned, haskap bushes are planted at a distance of 70 cm in a row and 4.0 m – 4.2 m between rows. Bushes can be planted on slightly raised beds covered with agrotextile to limit weeds and ensure adequate moisture.

Ideal harvester for haskap picking

There are many harvesting machines available on the market. They can be new or used machines with different producers. Which harvester will be the best for haskap berry? Before choosing a machine, answer a few questions.

  1. How big is your farm?
  2. How big is an area where you grow honeysuckle?
  3. What other fruit do you grow?
  4. What market does fruit go to? The fresh market or for processing?


We offer two models of berry harvesters suitable for honeysuckle. It is half-row harvesters JOANNA line and full-row harvester KAREN.

JOANNA harvester No1 for picking berry fruit

JOANNA harvesters are half-row machines. During the work, they divide the bush row into halves and shake fruits from one side of the bush. In order to pick up the fruits from the other side of the bush, you must go into the same row again. Falling fruits go on conveyors, which take them to the boxes placed on the working platform. During the way, the fruits pass through a cleaning unit where they are thoroughly cleaned of the leaves and others.

JOANNA harvesters have been used in picking up haskap berries for several years. WEREMCZUK machines successfully worked on plantations abroad, including in Canada.

Currently, we offer the latest version of the machine – JOANNA-5 combine and the JOANNA PREMIUM model. These harvesters guarantee effective harvesting of fruit from young and low shrubs, and from very high ones with long branches. The system of covers and seals eliminates fruit losses.

In standard, the harvesters are suitable for the harvest of various fruits and their varieties. The available optional equipment allows you to additionally adjust the machine to the needs of the plantation. A  shaking system with one shaker per side and a wide range of adjustments of operating parameters allow you to harvest almost 100% of high-quality fruit. Moreover, this solution is safe for fruit and bushes.

JOANNA harvesters are recommended for several or several hectares plantations, where in addition to berries, such fruits as black and red currants, chokeberry, gooseberries, wild rose, and saskatoon are also grown.

One-row berry harvester KAREN

Ideal conditions for haskap fruit selection

KAREN is a full-row fruit combine with a harvesting system equipped with two vertical shakers. The harvester goes over the row. Gently vibrating shakers shake off the fruit onto conveyors which take them through the cleaning unit. There they are thoroughly cleaned of leaves and other impurities. In the next step, the fruits go to the selection zone and then to totes or other containers placed under the chute.

Shaking rods and conveyors made of special material, an effective sealing system with catchers, a wide range of adjustments, and a fruit selection zone guarantee high-quality harvested fruits.

The harvester is also distinguished by:

  • lightweight construction and wide tires enabling work on a different area
  • ability to pick up fruits growing on a flat field or on beds
  • effective fruit shaking even with gentle vibrations of the shakers
  • construction enabling work on plantations with a narrow distance between rows
  • efficient fruit cleaning unit
  • ideal conditions for fruit selection 

KAREN harvesters are perfect for several dozen hectares of haskap berry plantations or on farms where raspberries (grown on supports or without supports), blackberries, or blueberries are also grown.

Optimals parametrs for haskap plantation

Depending on the fruit harvester model, plantation parameters can be different. Contact us before planting bushes to best adapt the plantation for mechanical harvesting. We have been assisting our clients during the season for years. Together we have coped to find optimal solutions both in the construction of machines and additional equipment as well as plantation running.


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