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BERTA bush cutter

Technical data

Working speed
0,2-0,6 km/h
Drive of cutting unit
Drive of branch removing unit
Type of suspention
Rear conection on three-point-suspension
Cutting disc diameter
90 cm
Cutting shoots diameter
do 3 cm
Hydraulic pump in tractor demand
30 l/min
Min. PTO power demand
80 HP

Bush cutter for liquidation and rejuvenating old berry plantations

100% effectiveness, speed and safety

BERTA bush cutter was designed to cut bushes of aronia, currant, raspberry and others. Cutting unit with a circular saw and with a mechanic drive guarantees 100% efficiency. Wide range of adjustment of the machine allows to choose the right operating parameters depending on the plantation type. The covers system ensures work safety. Berry bush cutter BERTA alows to cut of the ground-part bushes  if you need liquidate it or rejuvenat.



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