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Harvester for apples, cherries or prunes FELIX/Z

Technical data

0,2 - 0,4 ha/h
Total platform capacity
1500 kg
Number of shakers
Work driving speed
0,5 - 1,0 km/h
Min. PTO power demand
80 HP

Harvester for picking industrial apples from modern orchards

Apples harvester FELIX/Z  is designed to work in orchards with espalier structure where trees are formed properly. Most of all, the machine is known as a harvester for cherries and plums, but it is also perfect for harvesting industrial apples.

FELIX/Z is full row, trailed harvester, adapted to work with agricultural tractors having min.  80 HP. Technical solutions used in the machine allow for an effective harvest,  high harvesting efficiency and quality of harvested fruit. All working units of the FELIX/Z fruit harvester are hydraulically driven, which makes the machine easy to operate.


How to harvest apples with a FELIX/Z harvester?

Apple harvesting with the FELIX/Z harvester is fast and efficient. The technology of collecting fruits is based on a vertical shakers harvesting system and efficient cleaning unit guarantees a high fruit quality.


Which machine choose for mechanical apple harvesting?

FELIX/Z fruit harvesting machines can be use only in orchards adapted for mechanical fruit harvesting, growing in a dense row. The machine is especially recommended for large crop areas.

If you are looking for another type of apple harvesting machine check the offer for tree shakers for apple and stone fruit MAJA i MAJA AUTOMATIC LK.


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