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Pneumatic seed seeders MAX PNEUMATIC

Technical data

Number of sections in the set
Minimum row spacing
23 cm
Size of seeds sown
0,5- 10 mm
Distance between extreme lines of sowing
5,0 - 7,5 cm
Cubic capacity of the container
1,7 l
Sowing speed
6-7 km/h
Power tractor demand
30-50 HP

Excellent precision – perfect seeding – successful germination

Precise seeding is the key to production of high-quality vegetables. MAX PNEUMATIC was designed to meet the constantly growing needs and demands of the vegetable market.
Our device is a modern, functional and top quality pneumatic single seed seeder, which is suitable for almost all kinds of vegetables including : carrot, cabbage, parsley, cauliflower, onion, small radish, sugar beet, parsnip (coated seeds), garden beet, rape, maize, pea, white mustard and others.

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