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Tree shaker for apples, olives. almonds, plums, cherries MAJA AUTOMATIC-LK

Technical data

0,08 - 0,15 ha/h
Single tree picking time
0,5 - 1 min.
Tree trunk diameter
8 - 30 cm
Platform capacity
500 kg
Min. PTO power demand
70 HP
Screen width - option
3,25 -7,05 m
Drive of the screen folding and unfolding system
belt drive

Mechanical apple in modern orchards

MAJA AUTOMATIC LK tree shaker is the machine which enables fast and efficient harvesting of fruit from trees. The harvester can be use for harvest industrial apples, cherries, plums, olives, almonds and other stone fruits. Tree shaker is equipped with automatic folding and unfolding arched screen. This solution makes that only 2 people are required to operate the machine. It reduces production costs and speeds up the harvesting process.

Shaking and cleaning machine MAJA AUTOMATIC guarantees almost 100% harvesting efficiency and a very high quality of fruits. It is possible to adapt the machine to Your orchard through plurality of available widths of screen.
The harvester’s operation is based on the shaking process, during which fruits fall on a screen stretched out below. After the shaking, screen is folding and fruits are falling on conveyor. Next fruits are being transported through the cleaning unit to container, BIG-BAG bags or small boxes.


If you want to learn more about the possibilities of mechanical apple harvesting with MAJA tree shaker, contact us!

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tree-shaker-for-stone-fruit shaker-for-apple mechanical-apple-harvesting apple-harvest-tree-shaker apple-harvest


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