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Precise seeder for vegetables

Precise sowing is the key to the production of high-quality vegetables. MAX PNEUMATIC seed drills have been designed to meet the growing needs and demands of vegetable market. What distinguishes the seeder? Why should you consider buying this machine? Read the article and find out.

Precise seeding

Primarily, MAX PNEUMATIC seed drills are modern, universal, and high-quality machines for sowing almost all vegetable species. For example carrots, parsley, celery, beetroot, onion, radish, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, parsnip, peas, green beans, sweet corn, etc. Seeds can be differently formed and sized but should be calibrated.

Seeding technology is based on an integral vacuum system, which sucks single seeds to sowing disc’s holes. The sowing disc is replaceable and always has to be adjusted to the sown seeds, especially its caliber. The sowing discs are made with great care. High-quality steel is used for its production.

What impacts the accuracy of sowing?

  • firstly, choice of the proper size of holes in the sowing disc,
  • next, keepings the right turn speed of the sowing disc, • keepings suitable fan turns in order to generate the required  pressure,
  • setting the correct pressure of mixing seeds in the seed chamber
  • using high-quality seeds.

Seeding on a flat surface, on beds, and on ridges

The fact is, that the seeder construction and the section suspension enable vegetable sowing on a flat surface, as well as on ridges and beds. O course, a well-tilled soil is necessary for optimal working parameters. For this purpose professional ridge forming machines like AUR are recommended. they not only crumble and work the soil properly but also form ridges that are drought-tolerant. Read more about professionals ridges.

Moreover, every section is suspended on rocker arms. In front of the section, a height-adjustable clod remover is mounted.  Regulated pressure of the sections to the surface allows to adjust the drill to work in different soil conditions.


Duble or single seeding

You can sow seeds in one line or in two from one section. It depends on the used sowing discs and coulters. They can single-row and double-row with 50mm and 75mm spacing. Sowing is linear and precise. The coulters are interchangeable.

In the cucumber drill, 2-4 grains are dropped into one hole. It depends on the selected sowing disc.

Compact construction

Main components of multi-section seed drill MAX PNEUMATIC:

  • three-point suspension
  • main beam
  • pneumatic installation
  • support wheel and drive wheel
  • 1-8 sowing sections

Three units are driven in the seeder: a fan, a compressor from the PTO, and the sowing disc from the drive wheel.

2, 3.4-section seeders are equipped in 2.0 m beam as standard. However, larger 5.6-section seeders have a 3.0 m beam. But customers who are thinking about expanding the machine in the future can order a 3.0 m beam. It is possible also when choosing a smaller seeder and wants to sow seeds with a wider distance. Moreover,  the wider beam is equipped with the installation for the quick position change of sections that are outside of the seeder support wheels. Note that, the seeder has a simple mechanism for lifting and disconnecting the sections also. It also allows for smooth adjustment of the distance between the section.

Sowing section

Now, let’s look at the sowing section. The body of the sowing device, the cover, and the hopper are made of aluminum.  It ensures the stiffness of the construction. In addition, all movable elements are precisely pressed with springs. The sealing elements that cooperate with the sowing disc are made of plastic and non-ferrous metals marked by high slides.

Scrapers of seeds excess are the basic elements in the sowing device, It determines the accuracy of sowing. Therefore, the scraper scales on all sowing devices are factory-calibrated according to a pattern. This makes it possible to obtain the same seeding parameters with all sections.

Basic units of sowing sections

  1. The sowing section suspension
  1. Sowing device built from:
  • the body and the cover with a seed hopper  attached to it; all made of cast aluminum
  • the stainless sowing disc placed between the body and the cover


Scrapers of seeds excess are the basic elements in the sowing device. It determines the accuracy of sowing. That’s why the scraper scales on all sowing devices are factory-calibrated according to a pattern.
  1. The coulter
  2. Wheels pressing the seeds before their covering by soil
  3. Furrow harrows bars
  4. Chain transmission of power transmission
  5. Tubing pneumatic system


 Comfortable runing

As standard, the seeder is equipped with a seeds vacuum cleaner with a hopper. It also has a pneumatic gun for blowing the discs and sowing the chamber. The seed drill is equipped with a measurement system with a meter for disc rotation.  It can be installed in the tractor cabin during work.

For larger seeds, it is possible to install an additional hopper increasing the capacity from 1.7 l to 12.8 l.

Furthermore, we also have equipment for stabilizing the seeder on slopes, recommended for operation on sloping sides.

Of course, we can write a lot more about the seeder. It has a number of adjustment mechanisms. It enables the choice of the appropriate working conditions that are adapted to the different types of sown seeds and soil conditions. But that’s a topic for another article.

However, if you want to know more today – contact the WEREMCZUK sales department. We will be happy to present you our offer for the MAX PNEUMATIC seeder.